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Transforming the Body

From Head to Toe on the Cellular Level


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About Our Company

Timothy and Jackie, the people behind Heaven Health in Fort Collins, Colorado, have been in this industry for many years and both have a very strong understanding and knowledge of the products and services they offer. The couple has been in their own individual businesses through the years and have worked corporately in management for many years.

For more than 28 years, Timothy has been in the corporate information technology profession as an IT Manager, Director and VP of IT. He currently owns a network engineering company called “ALLData Networking, LLC.”

Timothy is 51 years old and his wife Jackie is 47. They are both pastors in prison ministry in the Colorado prisons through Shekinah Christian Ministries, and in their own outreach ministry called Bride of Glory Ministries.” This site is currently being recreated into a newer and more updated website with e-commerce integration. 

Timothy and Jackie started using X'TRACT and SEACRET products, and getting involved in SEACRET and X’TRACT in early 2017 and were amazed by the immediate and lasting results. They both are now Certified X'TRACT Facilitators and Timothy is in training to soon become a Certified X'TRACT Instructor.  Timothy used a PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) device like the BioCharger, and operated a holistic business with a similar lower-powered, but very effective device called the Quantum Pulse (VIBE Machine) 16 years ago. Timothy relates the BioCharger to a "Vibe Machine on Steroids" and  has prompted them to start a highly unique and revolutionary business with these services and products due to their own testimonies and others, and their own experience with each one.

The services and products Heaven Health offers are unique and revolutionary for pain, for healing, for mind, for strength and stamina, and for the whole body; the Only Company in Colorado offering this unmatched combination of results oriented modalities, including a competitive advantage for the Highly Athletic, all in One Location. The results of these services and products are therapeutic in nature with immediate and lasting results due to cellular level transformation. People are drawn to them because of this as well as the sustained rejuvenation and regeneration of the body and skin that is produced.

About Our Heaven Health Family
   Debby Hernandez joins the Heaven Health Family as our Manager, Licensed Esthetician, CNA/MA and Skin Care Consultant. Debby is an amazing woman with a heart of gold, and has proved that in the many facets of her career and where her heart has been in every care center she has grown in throughout her diverse career. Her professional and personal life has always been in caring for others and going beyond the job or the task at hand to ensure all is taken care of in a patient and caring way, but also with a focused resolution.

 Debby is a highly rewarded CNA and became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in 1992 with a focused intention of helping people in their hardest times. Debby continued her education and training, and received her Medical Assistant Certification (MA) in 1999. She has been in healthcare since before 1992 and has worked in a highly critical burn unit as a wound tech for the past 12 years. Debby has been a highly qualified healthcare professional for many years because it is a passion in her heart to help others in extremely difficult times, but also helping people in general.

Now she has moved to another form of healthcare but along the same line of helping people to feel better about themselves. Debby went back to school to learn skin rejuvenation and scar therapy procedures. Debby received her Esthetician License in 2016 from IBMC and her Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) credentials from Rocky Mountain Laser College. Debby is very excited to join our family and our homeopathic views of personal, spiritual, and physical wellness, in getting to the root of the problem and not placing a band-aid on health issues. We welcome Debby with open arms as she is a perfect fit to our family

Business Philosophy

Heaven Health philosophy is, that by raising the voltage energy, vibration and frequency in our bodies, as a continued maintained wellness of the body, and appropriate therapeutic toxin cleansing techniques, all at the "Cellular Level" create a harmony for building balanced health and increasing healing throughout the body. Hence, Heaven Health has developed an unparalleled combination of services and products that caters to the health and wellness of the body, on the cellular level, from the “Inside to the Outside.”

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