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X-Removal of Toxins by Releasing and Accelerating Cellular Transformation

SEACRET takes care of the outside of the body while X’TRACT takes care of the inside by freeing the pathway of the lymphatic system. It helps the body’s natural elimination process of toxins and contaminants out of the body. These bodily toxins and environmental contaminants, if blocked in the lymphatic system, can cause serious health and life-threatening issues.

X'TRACT is an acronym that stands for X-Removal/Elimination, of Toxins by Releasing and Accelerating Cellular Transformation. X'TRACT is a Unique and Proprietary, Hands-On Lymphatic Cleansing Technique with unparalleled results compared to other toxin cleansing techniques, and offered for the very first time in Colorado, in the heart of Fort Collins.

X'TRACT is Not a Massage, but a direct and focused hands-on technique to activate, move and flush the lymphatic system of emotional and physical toxins.

 The X’TRACT service is administered to people who want a healthier way of life and would like to feel better overall. This is also for individuals with chronic illnesses as well as life-threatening sicknesses and diseases which are mostly caused by the blockage or blockages within the lymphatic system.

Blockage of the lymphatic system often causes an increased risk of acne, bloating, weight gain, swelling of feet, ankles and legs, stomach pains, indigestion, heart disease, cancer and several other chronic or life-threatening conditions affecting the body on the cellular level.

Experience, knowledge, skills, and care are used in providing a clinically and scientifically proven, proprietary lymphatic cleansing technique that helps the body eliminate toxins and impurities through the body’s natural means of elimination.

X'TRACT: X-Removal of Toxins by Releasing and Accelerating Cellular Transformation
( A Proprietary and Clinically Proven, Hands-On Technique to Activate, Move,
and Flush the Lymph System of Emotional and Physiological Toxins and Impurities.)

* X'TRACT Proprietary Signature Full Lymph Cleanse - $100
with Young Living Essential Oils & SEACRET Dead Sea Minerals *